Expertise concerning metal

We are familiar with the material metal and its potential for storage and further processing! The spectrum of our activities ranges from metal processing and handling, welding, edging, rolling, tacking, to plant and mechanical engineering. The demanding area of interior tank cleaning is a comparatively new and rapidly growing segment with many synergies to metal construction – test our competence!

Plant engineering

We design, plan and manufacture ...


Internal tank cleaning

A squeaky-clean technology


Metal Processing

From the material to the usable part ...


Mechanical Engineering

Machines, plants, and components ...


Plant engineering

We design, plan and manufacture containers, tanks, and pipelines according to your ideas, including any additional conveying techniques and pumping systems that may be required. Our expertise covers everything metal. Our focus is on complete plants in the food technology branch, chemical, pet food as well as ship and yacht building industries.

Container construction

Everything in its place! Containers and tanks for various goods and foodstuffs as well as the most diverse applications in your production, manufactured according to your demands or the technical specifications, e.g. as pressure vessels, feed water tanks, agitator tanks, tanks for the foodstuffs industry, double- or triple-walled tanks, temperature controlled tanks or vacuum tanks made of premium or construction steel. Of course, we also rebuild your vessels and adapt them to changed production specifications; from manufacturing in the workshop to installation and connection on site.

Pressure tanks

Mixing tank

Activated carbon tank

Pipeline construction

Everything is connected! Pipes, fittings and conduit systems for liquids and foodstuffs of different viscosities for various applications in your production and your plants, according to your demands or the technical specifications; such as wastewater lines, control lines, pig lines, oil lines, compressed air lines or multi-walled lines! The production takes place on site or in the workshop, the pipe connections are flanged or welded, the dimensioning ranges from DN6 to DN600 (or even larger: just ask!)

Double wall pipeline

Filter station

Stainless steel pipeline tank cleaning

Pipeline to pump station

Pump technology

Everything in motion! Pump technology, whether new or outdated, has been part of the Klose Group’s core competence from the very beginning. We get pumps of different flow rates for various liquids and viscosities from all well-known manufacturers running and thus get your production going. This also includes maintenance and repair, spare parts procurement, damage analysis as well as installation and removal. From pump foundations to complete units with piping and tanks, from handling in the workshop to assembly on site: Pumps are our thing!

Plunger pump with base

Plunger pump detailed view

Plunger pump

Pump station

Internal tank cleaning

A squeaky-clean technology: With our highly motivated and qualified team, we design, construct, and implement all the components and plant parts required for internal tank cleaning; from water treatment to high-pressure technology to plant automation, from safety and environmental technology to customized IT. Let the following pages inform you a little about the many aspects to be considered in this technology, which is only dirty at first glance, but which is in fact important to all of us and clean as a whistle. And perhaps you will also be inspired by the perfectionism with which we can optimally prepare your tank containers and permanently installed tank cleaning systems for the next filling.

Water treatment

A clear thing! We design and install complete water softening and reverse osmosis systems to meet the highest water quality requirements. Water softening with water filter and system separator protects all water-bearing systems from lime deposits and other pollutants that can lead to functional impairment or system failure. Reverse osmosis is used in steam boiler systems and provides controlled soft water. We manufacture water treatment plants entirely according to customer requirements in standard or special sizes, receiver tanks for cold and hot water made of plastic or stainless steel, with or without insulation. Pre-assembly takes place as far as possible in the workshop, installation and activation on site goes without saying.

Receiving tank with pressure boosting

Water softener

Reverse osmosis system

Hot water and steam supply

Full steam ahead! A lot can be done with steam, e.g. efficient, energy-saving and reliable hot water preparation with up-to-date equipment on both the suction and pressure side. In smaller purification plants, demand-oriented and economical high-pressure instant water heaters are used, and significant energy savings are achieved by recovering wastewater heat and flue gas energy. We build compact heat exchanger plants made of stainless steel in closed design, which are easy to clean and odor-free. Hot air systems for drying vehicles and containers also work with steam, which is also used for heating and disinfecting tanks or tank wagons, for controlled heating of temperature-sensitive products and much more – contact us regarding your requirements!


Bosch steam boiler plant

Wastewater heat exchanger

Steam distributor

Hot air

High pressure technology up to 500 bar

We work under high pressure! When the usual cleaning performance up to 100 bar is no longer sufficient, our ultra-high-pressure plants up to 500 bar with world-leading technology come into play. Our expertise in plant engineering is synergically complemented by the experience of our industrial partner as market leader in the ultra-high-pressure sector. We manufacture customized, low-maintenance and stationery ultra-high-pressure systems as stand-alone solutions or in combination with our plant engineering and install smooth-running, reliable yet powerful pump technology both for flushing head operations but also for use with hand lances and other cleaning tools. Assembly and activation are carried out by experienced pump fitters.

Pump technology with detergent dosing

Pump technology 100 bar

Pump technology 40 bar

Detergent dosage

The dose makes the effect! Optimal cleaning performance with simultaneous economic efficiency is achieved with our automated dosing systems on the suction and pressure side of the pump technology with different pump types depending on the place of use. We design and manufacture completely pre-assembled dosing systems with base frame, storage tanks, change-over valves, and pump technology, depending on the product and application, as a specified design. This also includes intelligent drains to achieve good wetting in the tank and to ensure sufficient contact time of the cleaning agent. Also included are circulation cleaning systems for the treatment of particularly stubborn soiling such as latex or resins.

Circulation cleaning for latex and resins

High-pressure chemistry Lutz-Jesco

High-pressure chemistry Bran + Luebbe

Equipment cleaning web

Put on the right track! In close consultation with the customer, we advise on the type and scope of cleaning and, depending on the product and vehicle, we put together suitable flushing head equipment for internal tank cleaning as well as sensible equipment and design of the cleaning track. We design and manufacture special flushing heads for web tank cleaning, circulation cleaning, telescopic cleaning and ultra-high pressure cleaning directly on the tank wall. In addition, we manufacture auxiliary equipment such as hose trolleys, fitting cleaning tables, transport hose dryers as well as shifting stations for different rinsing head applications at one washing station and much more. All made of high-quality materials and conceptualized for a long service life, naturally.

Combi cleaning lane

Combi cleaning lane

Classic cleaning lane

Rinsing head water-operated

Exhaust air treatment

Well ventilated! Some products, e.g. containing solvents, require the extraction and subsequent treatment of the vapors generated during internal tank cleaning. We take care of the correct design and operation of the downstream exhaust air treatment system and build gas cooling and scrubbing units with high-pressure fans and ATEX certification. By steam regeneration of the loaded activated carbon, service lives up to 5 years are achieved, which save enormous operating costs. The complete plant technology, starting from the vacuuming of the vehicles to the chimney, the container and plant technology with nitrogen flooding, control system and gas warning center comes from a single source at Klose.

Exhaust air treatment

Exhaust air treatment

Wastewater technology

Part of the water cycle! We are happy to take on the project execution of partial and complete plants for wastewater technology including consulting, planning, delivery, assembly and activation of the plants – as well as the design and manufacture of flotation, sludge treatment and recirculation plants with dosing and measuring technology as well as wastewater heat exchangers for energy recovery and cooling of the hot wastewater before discharge to the separator. Together with our partners in the field of wastewater technology, customized solutions are designed and implemented on site with our experienced installation team.

Flotation and chamber filter press

Dosing wastewater chemistry

Dosing wastewater chemistry

Batching tank

Plant control and automation

Everything at a glance! For this purpose, a careful analysis of the requirements to be met by the plant control system is carried out first, and a design is made that considers the challenges of daily cleaning operations as well as compliance with safety and quality standards based on EFTCO and individual audits. With our own software and hardware planning, control cabinet systems, operator stations, monitoring systems and PC workstations are designed. From system visualization to program formulation, automatic cleaning steps and program recommendations to remote maintenance, everything gets taken into account – we are also happy to take care of the complete electrical installation, instruction and training of personnel, as well as trial operation and final activation for you.


Control panel with touch

Technical room with control cabinet

Plant engineering visualization

Metal Processing

From the material to the usable part, from the sheet metal to the plant: metal processing requires not only precise technical knowledge, but also experience and sense with regard to the base material and the desired result. The team of JKI is specialized in the handling of metal, in cutting, welding, edging, and bending!

Laser technology

Clean cut: state-of-the-art lasers enable high-precision processing of various metals. We can cut premium steel up to 40 mm, construction steel up to 20 mm, aluminum up to 20 mm and non-ferrous metals up to 6 mm. It is possible for us to work with a format of max. 2000 x 4000 mm. We supply finished laser cuts, both sheet metal and pipes, as well as welded assemblies.

Laser cut pipe pieces

Laser cutting of a pipe

Laser cutting

Amada laser cutting equipment

Press Brakes

Clear edge: Our six CNC controlled press brakes with partly automatic tool changers are an important part for our metal processing. With a maximum press power of 220 t. we are able to edge sheet thickness of 20 mm. Also due to the maximum edge width of 4000 mm we can realize most individual requests of our customers.


Laser blanks edged

Edging tool

Stainless steel tub with edged cover

CNC controlled press brake with automatic tool changer

Laser welding cell / Longitudinal seam welding system

A seam that lasts: Our welding cell with a laser power of 4 kW and a range of up to 2050 mm covers a welding depth of 0.4 mm to 6 mm. The turning and tilting device as well as the robot travel path of 1500 mm enable us to weld complex components with a maximum length of 4000 mm. Our longitudinal welding machine can be used for pipes (round and square) as well as sheets made of premium and construction steel. Processing is possible from a diameter of 100 mm and up to a working width of 2040 mm. The machine uses the TIG welding process under cold wire feeding. However, we also have the necessary welding personnel to ensure the highest quality in the different welding processes (TIG, MAG, PE, MIG, electrode).

Laser welding cell AMADA FLW-4000 M3

Laser welded pressure tank

Laser welded flashings

Assembly manufacturing

More than the sum of the parts: We manufacture complete assemblies for you. Thanks to our many years of planning and production expertise, it is possible for us to represent the path from design to the finished part by our own hand.

Mixing tank

Hot air unit

Fine shredder with base frame

Sheet metal rolling

A round thing: Finely rolled sheets up to a thickness of 5mm and longest side of 2000 mm. On a total of four plate rolls, for example, tube shells, plate shells or even conical shapes can be rolled.

Three-roll round bending machine

Rolling of a sheet metal shell

Ceramic bead blasting

The ceramic bead blasting process refines the surfaces of our aluminum and stainless steel components. With the help of the crane integrated in our blasting cabin, we can also blast large parts in 360 degrees.

Pressure vessel blasted

Machine with blasted surface

Logo blasted

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering unit JKM – Jürgen Klose Maschinenbau – develops its own machines, plants, and components for the field of ultra-fine comminution and specializes in food rework and petfood.

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